Would God break up with you?

If you were in a “normal, everyday” relationship with God, would He break up with you?  Think about it…. If the tables were turned and it was you?

What if “He” only called you when you when he was in trouble and wanted something… But yall are supposed to be in a relationship. What if “He” only talked to you late at night, just a couple minutes before bed?… But yall are supposed to be in a relationship. What if “He” only reached out because he needed something? What if “He” never took you anywhere and NOBODY even had any idea yall were together? What if “He” didn’t introduce you to his friends or family? What kind of relationship would that be? What if “He” only spent time with you every once and awhile? You’d be ready to leave asap… You wouldn’t put up with that now would you? Then how is that fair to God?

If that wouldn’t fly in an earthly relationship, then why would it be ok when it comes to our spiritual relationship with God? It shouldn’t be. We should be intentional and diligent about our relationship. Ask yourself, when was the last time you just spent time with Him, outside of church? Have fun with Him. Talk to Him. He cares for you. He is a good God. Spend time with Him and His word. Worship. Pray. Fellowship with others. Take Him with you wherever you go. Others should know you are “involved” with somebody based on everything they see coming from you.  So that if someone were to point and ask God, “is that you?”  He’d be proud to say, yeah fam, that’s me. 🙂

Good thing God is not like man, because He would have dumped some of us a long time ago.


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