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Who likes traveling? Now, who likes traveling AND saving money? That’d be this chick!  —>  this girl                 I am NOTORIOUS for wanting to save every dime on something that I can. Yes, I am that customer that will go back and have them take off my 50 cents coupon they didn’t scan. No, not because I’m hard up for half a dollar, but because it’s a thrill to save and coupon. I am the same with traveling, I plan ahead, make itineraries, check several sites and I always find a way to save. ALWAYS.

Well here are a few quick tips to help you save a few bucks! Some maybe common sense, some you may not have thought of… Let’s get started.

    • Easy right? Planning ahead lets you watch hotel deals and flight deals in advance to get the best rates. ALWAYS, call the hotel and ask for their best rate, something EVEN with a promo code online, they may be able to beat it. Why?- because they have quotas to meet and they also have discretion. Ever wonder why when they give you a rate, they immediately ask what card do you want to book on? Because it counts for their goals and most times they will do what they can to get you to book with them. Not every time, but most times. You can always so no thanks, if it’s not a better deal.
    • When the hubs and I went to Vegas a couple of years ago, almost all of our meals were prepaid for at a discount. HOW? Groupon! Just search the city you are traveling to, key in the address to your hotel and find restaurant deals near you. Buy a couple before you go and boom! cheap buffets or even fancy dinners. We scored a brazilian steakhouse restaurant (reg $100 for both of us) for $40 and some change via Groupon. Pair the deal with groupon’s promos and it’s a double win!
    • Use Groupon for things to do as well while you are there. Like shows, water sports, spa, excursion, boat rides, etc. We are going to Miami soon and I purchased Jet Ski rentals for a fraction of what it would cost at our resort. Not signed up with Groupon, ummm do it now…..Thank me later… use my link!–> GROUPON 🙂 & duh- use Ebates, you’ve seen the commercials, yes it’s real.. yes, you get real cash back for shopping online… So far I’ve received almost $200 since mid last year. Sign up here if you want to check that out as well –> EBATES
    • Try comparing one-way flights vs roundtrip prices. Again, I was able to score flight for $55 cheaper by booking 2 one-way tickets vs the round-trip price. Sounds weird I know, but hey all I know was that was over $100 savings for us lol Doesnt work every time, just try it. I’ve also heard searching flights incognito works can’t vouch for it, but I do it anyway. Also try calling the flight company and asking for same flight.. They sometimes will throw in free cheap upgrades, such as upgraded legroom seats for free if you book over the phone with them.
    • When having to leave your car at the airport, use a nearby hotel that specializing in non-guest parking. It’s about $4 a day vs $12-20 at the airport. Now this is a good deal if you are staying a week, not just a couple of days or if you are always running late to the airport. Reason, the hotel will shuttle you to the airport, so if you are already late, ummm yeah. You might be out of luck.. We always use them esp in ATL and never had a problem. I use One Stop Parking for my reservations. Easy Peasy! Check them out here—>  One Stop Parking

Well those are just a few tips for now- hope this helps. Let me know if you try any of the tips & if you were sucessful 🙂

What are some tips YOU use for traveling for cheap, leave them in the comments.. sharing IS caring!!


Live your BEST life- Tee

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