Maintaining your Mane

Maintaining your Mane

We all desire to be healthy right? Right. But making an effort to get in a gym or workout, has often taken a backseat because we want to save our hair.  I used to say, “shoot I’m not sweating out my fresh relaxer and have my edges looking a fool!”  I know that it is HARD on the hair to work out and sweat and still maintain the style you just paid $50-60 for last week, BUT we can’t use that as an excuse to not take care of our bodies. God said our bodies are the temple, so are we just going to say, “well Lord, I didn’t workout and stay healthy, because my hair would get too nappy?” Nah, don’t think so. You might say, “but girl, you don’t know my hair, I can’t workout.” Ummm yeah, you can! If you wanted to, you would find a way.  Remember, HEALTH before hair. We are stewards over our bodies & we need to take care of them even if our edges get a little puffy.


In this post I am sharing some tips from my first guest feature, Erika.  Erika Smith is a cosmetologist and has well over 15 years of professional experience. She has given some great tips on maintaining your style so that you can get a good workout in and still go to work the next day fly.  Just so you know, I’m relaxed and I personally wrap my hair like you would at night and put on this —>Dri Sweat Edge Headband  ($3.99 from Sally) when I workout. It works for me. I also plan my workouts around my hair appointments so there’s no excuse.

 I asked Erika a few questions so that my readers could hear it from a professional!! Check out her awesome tips below: 

  • If you could give ONE piece of advice while working out, what would it be for our hair?
    • The key thing is to keep hair wrapped tightly during workout! Keeping it wrapped tightly will not only help “keep” your style, but it helps when your hair dries as well. However your hair is after being wet (sweat), is how it will dry, So remember, keep it wrapped to avoid the frizzies.
  • What can we do for those who sweat and get itchy scalp after working out? Any oils? Products you’d recommend?
    • For itchy scalp from sweat, you can use Chi dry shampoo for a refreshed clean feeling. But unfortunately, the best way to remove the salt buildup is to wash your hair with a good shampoo (I recommend getting a salon-quality shampoo and conditioner from your stylist). You can also try a tiny bit of oil (preferably coconut oil) on your itchy scalp if you would like.
  • What is best way to wear hair while exercising if relaxed?
    • Relaxed long hair: I would suggest you pull into a high pony tail while keeping your edges wrapped with a silk\satin scarf or dri-fit band- don’t use a cotton scarf for anything.
    • Relaxed short hair: mold down good and wrap edges again with silk\satin or dri-fit band.
  • What is the best way to wear hair while exercising if natural?
    • Being natural, I wear my hair straightened most of the time. So I braid my hair in 2 braids and still wrap my edges with a silk or satin scarf. I let it air dry with braids and later on when dry, I take down and wear a wavy/straight look… roots may be a little puffy but it still turns out cute! Another alternative if you wear your natural curls is to twist your hair into long twists and take down after they dry.
  • What if my hair and edges puff up after sweating, what’s best thing to do?
    •  Always have 2 wraps\scarves. One to wrap before workout and one to wear after. After working out take off the sweaty wrap and rewrap with the dry one. Then simply use a handheld dryer to dry hair if needed. You can also let it air dry, with the new wrap on! Also remember, a good edge control (try Jireh Edge Control or Kera Care Edge ) is a girl’s BEST friend!!!

Hope these tips give you some new ideas on saving your style. If you are in the Tuscaloosa area, check out Erika at the Complete Serenity Salon and follow her on Instagram at @IamErikaSmith and check her hashtags to see her amazing work #iamerikasmith.

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