Welcome to UnCommonly Good Mama!

Why uncommonly good?- well, most of those who know me will agree I’m usually the one with the unpopular opinion. I’m usually the odd one out.  I guess you can say I don’t think like most people when it comes to good ole traditional things. But hey, no one wants a Truman Show world, do they? lol

So, why did I decide to blog?  Well, I’m  I am just an everyday wife & mama who loves her family and Jesus. I simply hope to inspire and encourage someone somewhere in their everyday life…. and real life at that, not the sugar coated fairy tale life… Real life where the dishes aren’t done and you just wiped your kid’s nose with your shirt real life.  I also plan to talk about everyday struggles, deals\couponing, food and diy projects.  Look out for some fun giveaways as well! I am excited for this journey and glad you chose to follow me! 🙂

Let’s GO!



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