5 simple hacks you should be doing right now!


It’s time for #TeeTipThursday!! Today I’ll be sharing 5 easy life hacks that I have come to love. These are simple things that will hopefully save you some time and frustration. Check them out..



Use a dryer sheet to remove deodorant off of clothes 

I mean, I know I can’t be the only 31 year old who still gets deodorant on their shirts :(.  You would think by now, I’d know how to avoid this. So anyway, here’s what you do. Simply grab a dryer sheet & rub. Then poof it’s gone!  Now I will say, this works only the solid deodorants, not the gels.  So next time you are in a hurry for work and have this issue, remember this trick. You are welcome 🙂

Gently wipe the stain and it’s gone!

Use baking soda to remove that “old towel” smell.

We all know that stale musty like smell from the towels whether it’s from sitting in the washer too long because you forget they were in there AGAIN or they have been in the bathroom all week. Never fear, you can get that smell out quickly and easily by adding a couple shakes of baking soda when you wash them. Just add it on top of the towels (I do this for gym clothes too) as the water fills up and wash normally. Yes I still add in detergent, but this helps so much more, plus it makes them really soft.

baking soda
Did you know you can also use vinegar as a natural fabric softener? Don’t worry the smell dissipates in the wash.

Keep all your important files in one place

How many times are you searching for that one piece of paper with that one piece of info you need from 3 months ago? That used to be me. 🙁 But the last few years, not anymore. 🙂 Get a file folder box to organize all of your important life docs. I make tabs for categories such as ID info, where I keep passports, birth certificates, etc.  I also have tabs for our house docs, insurance info and car paperwork. My most used tab is probably my taxes folder. I have one for “this year taxes” and “last year taxes.”  For this year taxes, it’s so much easier to keep up with expenses such as car tag costs, unreimbursed work expenses, mileage and charity donation receipts. We just drop them in the folder as we get them, then at the end of the year, it’s all there in one spot.  I’ve tried scanning things in to recordkeeping in the past, it just didn’t work for me, because I would forget to scan it lol. So I went to this method & it’s been great. Hope this helps!

I found this at Walmart for $8 and the hanging folders\tabs for $3.


Keep ice cream soft in the freezer with wax paper

Ever get your mouth set for some yummy ice cream only to open the container and it has ice crystals everywhere? Well try this hack, it’s so easy. Simply put a piece of cling wrap or wax paper over the top and place the top back. Next time you open it, it is just as creamy as the day you bought it and your spoon won’t be bent when you try to scoop it in the middle of the night :). Try it!


Cling wrap or wax paper works great!


Weekly Clothes Prep for School

I posted this a while back on @UncommonlyGoodMama’s Instagram page on how we prep our daughter for school during the week. You guys seem to like it so I am sharing for everyone else.  I got a 3 drawer container from Target for $9 to organize her clothes for daycare. Her clothes are so small so the 3 drawer works, but try the 5 drawer set they have too. All I do is get her outfits together on Sundays for the entire week along with her shoes and socks. Then I just put them into the drawers.  The mornings are SO much easier for us now, we just grab, get her dressed and go.  I think this will be even more beneficial as she gets older (she is only 1 now) because she can get out her own clothes and put them on in the mornings. So if you have older kids, try giving them this responsibility on the weekends, have them pick them out, help them iron if necessary and pack their drawers for the week. It should save you both tons of time and less headache in the mornings.

This is how ours look. Her clothes are small so we just put two outfits in one drawer. But try a 5 drawer container if needed

I hope you will try maybe one of these hacks if you aren’t already doing them. If so, be sure to comment and please leave me your cool tricks and hacks so I can try them too!!


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