My 2017 Affirmation Board


I remember first learning about vision boards from an Oprah show many years ago. She talked about how she had dreams and wanted to hold herself accountable. Over the years, I have had several vision\goals boards that I loved and actually worked it’s purpose. This year I wanted something different. I wanted an Affirmation Board! […]

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Elf on the Shelf


It’s that time of the year! No, not shopping, not snuggling up by the fire…. It’s when you are struggling to find a new idea to put that dang elf! lol Don’t worry, I’m here to help! I’m sure you have seen them on FaceBook by now, but if not, click here to see what I […]

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How to Save 50% on Diapers!!


Hey there! I’ve been asked several times to do a diaper deal for my readers. For those who don’t know, I am an avid couponer. I love every single thing about it. Some people say it takes up too much time, but for me, saving money is worth it. Yes I am the person in Target, […]

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the AFTER party


Today’s Feature Friday is with my guest host Kim Berry! She is an awesome wife, mother and worshipper, plus she is my cousin! She’ll be sharing tips on life AFTER the I do’s and how most will plan for the party (the wedding) but not so much for the after party (what comes to follows).  Check […]

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5 simple hacks you should be doing right now!


  It’s time for #TeeTipThursday!! Today I’ll be sharing 5 easy life hacks that I have come to love. These are simple things that will hopefully save you some time and frustration. Check them out..   Use a dryer sheet to remove deodorant off of clothes  I mean, I know I can’t be the only 31 […]

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Protect Your Peace


When things are attacking our peace… We really have two choices, let it stay connected to us and our thoughts or detach it… Choose wisely.  What is your IT? It refers to anything that compromises your inner peace and weighs you down unnecessarily or poses as an impediment to your personal and spiritual growth. Simply put, […]

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Quick & Easy Dinner Idea- BBQ Chicken

whats for dinner

What’s for Dinner Wednesday ? How many times have you sat at your desk thinking, “what in the world am I going to cook tonight?” Having a busy work week? Kids driving you crazy? Just lazy? Either way, let me help! Don’t buy that gross fast food, prepare this easy-hardly-any-work meal that literally cooks itself. Yep, […]

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Would God break up with you?


If you were in a “normal, everyday” relationship with God, would He break up with you?  Think about it…. If the tables were turned and it was you? What if “He” only called you when you when he was in trouble and wanted something… But yall are supposed to be in a relationship. What if […]

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Maintaining your Mane

workout pic 1

Maintaining your Mane We all desire to be healthy right? Right. But making an effort to get in a gym or workout, has often taken a backseat because we want to save our hair.  I used to say, “shoot I’m not sweating out my fresh relaxer and have my edges looking a fool!”  I know […]

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Tee’s Travel Tips


  Who likes traveling? Now, who likes traveling AND saving money? That’d be this chick!  —>                   I am NOTORIOUS for wanting to save every dime on something that I can. Yes, I am that customer that will go back and have them take off my 50 cents coupon […]

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